The approach of USMART is multidimensional and multi-disciplinary one, with strong crossover between economic, social sciences (sociology, psychology, management) and engineering (transportation, electrical, computer science).

The multidisciplinary approach aims at:

  • Identifying a unified methodology for the measurement of travel behavior. This methodology integrates the different modes and mobility schemes into a single transportation mix.
  • Better managing transportation demand to satisfy European Commissions’ environmental targets and the travelers’ needs;
  • Developing and realizing a variety of personalized smart mobility services (iServices, such as route recommendation, parking availability, etc.) for mega events, which will harmonize information from different data sources;
  • Developing an innovative, non-intrusive, light-weight and easy to use App for data collection based on mobile technology. The App also has a feature of prompted-recall interaction in the web-browser for validation purposes; and
  • Using innovative methodologies to model travelers’ happiness/satisfaction, and use the findings to contribute to the increase of the overall well being of the individual travelers (residents and tourists) and the society as a whole.