MobilityInsight Is a start-up company focused on understanding real-time mobility behavior of people by detecting RF signals broadcast naturally from mobile phones and other connected accessories. The RAW data is harvested to create valuable information for business areas of traffic management in smart city and marketing optimization and retail intelligence. MobilityInsight clients include private sector as well as government agencies, such as Israel National Road Authority, Ayalon Road Authority, Israeli municipalities. MobilityInsight has developed RF sniffer product called “Tsens”. This product is used for traffic data collection applications including: speed estimation, origin destination matrices, junction delays, etc. The RF sniffer is multi core 1GHZ, Linux based; compact, with low energy consumption that can operate on 20Watt solar panel. Tsens broadcasts periodically via GSM connection packet data entries that need to be processed by server side analytic software for production of transportation related data. Currently mobilityInsight has a deployed network of about 50 Tsens devices over the interurban network of Israel operating in real-time. The network is serving several projects, including national road authority road network performance measures, OD estimation for planning for different municipalities, speed estimation for Ayalon road authority (managing transport at Tel-Aviv metropolitan with population of 300K), etc.